Gift Ideas – For the Woman in Your Life

The holidays are here, like right around the corner! Being a guy, I know there is too much procrastination going on right now, but it’s not too much to get a little “something something” for that woman in your life. Let’s break it down into appropriate gifts for each “woman”.

Mother – only like the most important woman in your life. We never realize how much work our moms invest into our lives, so what better way to say ‘thank you’ during the holidays than a spa package! Spa Package is a great resource to check out the many different spas offered in your area. She will definitely appreciate this gesture!

Show your mom some appreciate with a spa pass – relaxation in a stress-free environment is always on the menu.

Grandmother – she’s just happy to spend any time with you, so why not remind her of your great memories together by giving her a picture of you two framed (bonus if there are multiple pictures).

Nothing says “I love you Grandma” like a frame with multiple pictures of you and her.

Wife – what’s more sensual than a bottle of perfume. No this does NOT mean that you think she smells. It means you’ve actually taken the time out of your day to find a scent for you that you’d LOVE to smell on her.

Dahlia Givin by Givenchy: A sultry scent with notes of jasmine and wood – perfect for date night.

Girlfriend – the IT accessory that never goes out of style is rocking a statement piece, and what we mean by statement piece, we’re talking about “the timepiece”. Give your dime piece the ultimate accessory to compliment her timelessness. Since it’s the holidays, go for the sparkle. It definitely won’t disappoint.

Who doesn’t love a Michael Kors time piece? Check out the Michael Kors Women’s Chronograph Mini Parker Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, the perfect balance of functionality and sparkle.

The ‘No-Title’ girl – she’s the girl who you’ve been kind of seeing here and there for a few months, yet you have no title because a relationship isn’t the priority right now. But you do like and care for her, so you keep her around… Even though you think you shouldn’t give her anything, TRUST, that it’ll be a nice gesture to show you how much you value her. A little something would be to look on those deal sites for an activity you both can share!

Making the effort to look into date activities like paddle boarding with your girl can be a nice way to spend time together.

Friend – she’s with you through many highs and lows, she’s one of the guys to you and you value her friendship more than anything. Give her a beautiful leather bound journal, a definite keepsake that she’ll cherish forever.



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