Trends You Should Give Up

So apparently it’s “holy” season as of last Wednesday, and truth is, it’s time to let go of trends and styles that have been lingering on longer than needed.

  • High white socks – We’ve all done this and it’s okay to admit it. But now that you’re grown, it’s time to pack away these socks and invest in some classic pairs that will go along with your big boy wardrobe. Not only are these socks a bit premature in nature, but they make your calves look stubby and gives you the appearance of cankles.


  • Filled cargo pant pockets – We get it, you have lots of things to carry. But maybe you should invest in something that might be a bit more suitable to carry all of your belongings, or MAYBE you should be asking why you need to carry an insane amount of items? If you’re outing consists of filling up all of your cargo pant pockets, then that is a big N-O. You’ll end up looking like a stuffed pant-bag, that no one wants to be around.


  • Sandals and socks – Either pick one or the either. Sure, it’s easy to get up and go in this, but if you’re too lazy to pick a side, then maybe you shouldn’t be going anywhere. In the end, you’ll end up looking unkempt and downright sloppy.


  • Ill-fitting clothing – This should be a no-brainer, but it’s broken multiple times. We get not everything fits perfectly when you buy it, but going into such an investment, you should either make the decision to not buy that item or know that you’re going to have to get it fitted in some way or the other. This applies to sagging/baggy pants, long, oversized shirts, flooded bottoms, and buttons busting out the seams.


  • Plunging v-necks – We’re not complaining about ALL v-necks, just the one where it’s basically a deep plunge that’s more risque than the women who should be wearing them. What’s worse is when these are attempted to be worn by those who don’t have anything to really show off from it. Either you got it and you flaunt it, but in this case, just say no.


  • Raggedy shoes – No, we’re not saying to completely get rid of shoes that have a little scruff or smudge here and there since that definitely adds character to your kicks, but it’s time to stop rocking shoes that are beyond any sort cleaning level. We’re talking about holes, any disconnected parts, torn shoelaces…the list goes on and on. Gather your pride, throw them away and get a new pair. They will completely change the feel of your entire look and you won’t be judged by the utter appearance of them because loads of females end up judging you based on them FYI.


Got any to add to this list? We want to hear!


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