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MANyouscripts is a men's life/style blog written from the female perspective. We have such a strong passion for fashion, and are excited to share our points of view regarding men's style as well as cool new happenings. If you're interested in working with us, email and don't forget to follow us on IG @MANyouscripts!

Best Dressed Men at the Oscars 2015

The Oscars were last night! The carpet was bedazzled with the biggest celebrities dressed with the biggest names in fashion. Since we are a men’s style blog, we’ve picked our top looks of the night.


adam levine

EDDIE REDMAYNE in Alexander McQueen



87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

CHRIS PINE in Giorgio Armani


COMMON in Prada


CHANNING TATUM in Dolce & Gabbana




MICHAEL KEATON in Ralph Lauren


Our second runner up for the Best Dressed Man of the Night is…

TIM McGRAW in Lanvin


But our Ultimate Best Dressed Man of the Night is…

CHRIS PRATT in Tom Ford!


He looked so amazingly handsome and confident with his easygoing personality. Seeing him with his wife Anna Faris made us so happy! They are such an amazing couple who not only look like they’re in love, but that they’re always enjoying each other’s company to the fullest. Great job Chris for making suave look so easy!


Trends You Should Give Up

So apparently it’s “holy” season as of last Wednesday, and truth is, it’s time to let go of trends and styles that have been lingering on longer than needed.

  • High white socks – We’ve all done this and it’s okay to admit it. But now that you’re grown, it’s time to pack away these socks and invest in some classic pairs that will go along with your big boy wardrobe. Not only are these socks a bit premature in nature, but they make your calves look stubby and gives you the appearance of cankles.


  • Filled cargo pant pockets – We get it, you have lots of things to carry. But maybe you should invest in something that might be a bit more suitable to carry all of your belongings, or MAYBE you should be asking why you need to carry an insane amount of items? If you’re outing consists of filling up all of your cargo pant pockets, then that is a big N-O. You’ll end up looking like a stuffed pant-bag, that no one wants to be around.


  • Sandals and socks – Either pick one or the either. Sure, it’s easy to get up and go in this, but if you’re too lazy to pick a side, then maybe you shouldn’t be going anywhere. In the end, you’ll end up looking unkempt and downright sloppy.


  • Ill-fitting clothing – This should be a no-brainer, but it’s broken multiple times. We get not everything fits perfectly when you buy it, but going into such an investment, you should either make the decision to not buy that item or know that you’re going to have to get it fitted in some way or the other. This applies to sagging/baggy pants, long, oversized shirts, flooded bottoms, and buttons busting out the seams.


  • Plunging v-necks – We’re not complaining about ALL v-necks, just the one where it’s basically a deep plunge that’s more risque than the women who should be wearing them. What’s worse is when these are attempted to be worn by those who don’t have anything to really show off from it. Either you got it and you flaunt it, but in this case, just say no.


  • Raggedy shoes – No, we’re not saying to completely get rid of shoes that have a little scruff or smudge here and there since that definitely adds character to your kicks, but it’s time to stop rocking shoes that are beyond any sort cleaning level. We’re talking about holes, any disconnected parts, torn shoelaces…the list goes on and on. Gather your pride, throw them away and get a new pair. They will completely change the feel of your entire look and you won’t be judged by the utter appearance of them because loads of females end up judging you based on them FYI.


Got any to add to this list? We want to hear!

Valentine’s Day 411

Valentine’s Day is coming up…yes it’s THIS SATURDAY FEBRUARY 14th JUST IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING. But the question remains…Do you know what you’re going to do with that special person? Whether it be the actual Valentine’s Day, do not let this opportunity pass you by to show them how much you care. We’ve rounded up date and style ideas you can put together on this annual holiday.


So you definitely want to keep things low key? Spice things up in the kitchen by making a nice romantic dinner together so that both of you have a hand in the night’s festivities. Since you’ll be eating in, try a full course meal complete with appetizers, main dish, and dessert of course. And don’t forget the wine! Even though you technically won’t be in public, DO NOT be in bummy clothes. If you want to be comfortable, it’s fine to be in sweats, but dress it up a bit.





You and everyone else will most likely be taking the usual route by going out to eat on a romantic dinner date. It honestly doesn’t depend where you go, just make sure you make reservations and not unprepared. Nothing blows the mood of the entire night when you and your date have to wait for over an hour to eat. I know ever place has a certain dress code, but because this day is pretty special, DO make an effort and try to dress things up with a nice blazer, sweater/button-up and dark denim. It gives a great balance of looking spiffy, yet casual. Your date will definitely appreciate the effort!




You’ll be the King of Romance by taking your date out on an exclusive beach side date. Not only do you get to take free advantage of nature, but you can put your own spin on it by packing a little picnic of all of your favorite treats. Don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on and some to cover yourself as well. Since you’ll be outside and it’ll most likely be chilly, the key is being comfortable and warm. Try playing with layers in a t-shirt, henley and thick zip up sweater with a pair of jeans to last you throughout the night. If your date ends up getting cold some time throughout the date, you can always offer a layer of yours to keep them cozy!




Music can bring forth so many emotions and feelings, and if you and your date both love music, take them to go see some live entertainment. This takes some pressure off of the date since you’ll both be transfixed with what’s being displayed in front of you during the show but it makes for great conversation afterwards. It also helps breaks barriers down by finding a common ground that you both can share. For this type of date, show your edge by rocking a leather jacket over a slouchy top and some military boots.




If you are one to think outside the box of the usual Valentine’s Day date norms, then you’re more inclined to take your date to an artsy show/display, whether it’s a museum or an art gallery. This definitely brings an intimate setting to your date where you have clear subjects to take in, and therefore make for conversation. Bring out your mysterious side by rocking a nice fitted coat over a button-up/sweater and don’t be intimidated to accessorize with a hat and/or scarf. You’ll be mistaken for a true artiste, and what’s more intriguing than that!




Though Valentine’s Day comes and goes really quickly, remember most importantly to show that special person how much you care for them outside of this day. Aside from this mushy gushy stuff, we want to know what date would you most likely take your date on?

Plaid Still the Fad

Long gone are the days where lumberjacks and mountain men in the woods wore plaid. Plain in the fashion world has become a staying trend, one that has evolved into a basic. Plaid is such a classic print that comes in many colors and styles, that you can match it to your own personal style. Yes there are the infamous button down shirts, but the trends we’re seeing lately transform this look onto an entirely different level.

Add color to the chilly winter days in eye-popping outerwear

Plaid Toggle Coat

Add some flavor to your everyday basics

Plaid PantsPlaid Blazer

Stand out from the crowd in a head-to-toe plaid look

plaid suit 2 plaid suit

Which look(s) would you rock?

Gift Ideas – For the Woman in Your Life

The holidays are here, like right around the corner! Being a guy, I know there is too much procrastination going on right now, but it’s not too much to get a little “something something” for that woman in your life. Let’s break it down into appropriate gifts for each “woman”.

Mother – only like the most important woman in your life. We never realize how much work our moms invest into our lives, so what better way to say ‘thank you’ during the holidays than a spa package! Spa Package is a great resource to check out the many different spas offered in your area. She will definitely appreciate this gesture!

Show your mom some appreciate with a spa pass – relaxation in a stress-free environment is always on the menu.

Grandmother – she’s just happy to spend any time with you, so why not remind her of your great memories together by giving her a picture of you two framed (bonus if there are multiple pictures).

Nothing says “I love you Grandma” like a frame with multiple pictures of you and her.

Wife – what’s more sensual than a bottle of perfume. No this does NOT mean that you think she smells. It means you’ve actually taken the time out of your day to find a scent for you that you’d LOVE to smell on her.

Dahlia Givin by Givenchy: A sultry scent with notes of jasmine and wood – perfect for date night.

Girlfriend – the IT accessory that never goes out of style is rocking a statement piece, and what we mean by statement piece, we’re talking about “the timepiece”. Give your dime piece the ultimate accessory to compliment her timelessness. Since it’s the holidays, go for the sparkle. It definitely won’t disappoint.

Who doesn’t love a Michael Kors time piece? Check out the Michael Kors Women’s Chronograph Mini Parker Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, the perfect balance of functionality and sparkle.

The ‘No-Title’ girl – she’s the girl who you’ve been kind of seeing here and there for a few months, yet you have no title because a relationship isn’t the priority right now. But you do like and care for her, so you keep her around… Even though you think you shouldn’t give her anything, TRUST, that it’ll be a nice gesture to show you how much you value her. A little something would be to look on those deal sites for an activity you both can share!

Making the effort to look into date activities like paddle boarding with your girl can be a nice way to spend time together.

Friend – she’s with you through many highs and lows, she’s one of the guys to you and you value her friendship more than anything. Give her a beautiful leather bound journal, a definite keepsake that she’ll cherish forever.


Polos You Need to Say BYE-BYE-BYE To

The moment when you meet up with some guy you thought was really attractive and you see that he is wearing Polo from I don’t know what decade. I recently have been noticing some bad fashion choices in the polo department. I know preppy guys may get a little hurt from this post but I am just trying to help.

So Lacoste is the first one. Yes Lacoste is a classic. If you are under the age of 35 please NO LACOSTE. When I see LACOSTE on a male, it makes me want to hug you, not sleep with you. If you are going to do Lacoste because you really can’t get away from that alligator then at least do darker colors like black or navy, but NO PALE COLORSSSSSSSSS.

The original Polo man. Say bye bye too, Ralph Lauren. Yes it’s where the name came from but, again, if you are 35 and under DO NOT WEAR. Polos that are rad and will get you some play are LE TIGRE. It’s the one with the little tiger. Super original and chic guys. The non-brand polos that are simple do really well as well. This means absolutely no logo on it. The only exception is if you are playing golf. If you are golfing, any polo goes, but if you are out in public or on a date with a special someone please follow these rules.



thM9MW971Kralph lauren


2 Girls 1 Blog

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Welcome to our men’s life-style blog MANyouscripts! We are excited to finally launch this blog because we felt there was a void in the blogosphere regarding men’s style from the female perspective that we would love to share with you all. Since this is our first official post, we would like to introduce ourselves to you.



Hey everyone, my name is Camille and I am 1/2 of the MANyouscripts crew. Fashion has been my passion for as long as I can remember and I am so blessed to say that I am currently working as a planner on the business side of fashion and taking design classes so I can eventually launch my own clothing line. Besides all that mumbo jumbo, I LOVE traveling, going to the beach, hitting up concerts and checking out new happy hour spots. Since this is a fashion blog, I’d say I have a very classic sense of style with a hint of funk, just like I like my men…not boys. Simple yet chic is where it’s at, but don’t forget about some flavor now and then! I strongly believe that happiness comes within, and there’s no better fulfillment in life than surrounding yourself with joy and positivity.



Hi let me introduce you to the 2nd blogger or the other 1/2. I’m the tanner one of the two. My name is Lynette I grew up in the South Bay. You may also know me as Lynettooo that name has stuck for a while I have no idea why. Fashion is my passion. I have a very eccentric and hippie chic look. I like my boys simple so you will be seeing a lot of that. I say whatever I feel so sorry in advance for offending anyone. I smile a lot and laugh a lot you should do the same. On a Friday you can find me dancing on da floor to some hip-hop, disco, oldies, and or electro. I love SUSHI and PHO need I say more. I’m super into zodiac signs, which means I’m kind of a gypsy. I also think you can tell a lot about a person by the type of emojis they use.

Now that you know a little bit more about us, stay tuned with the latest posts we have coming for you via Instagram! Also, if you would like to be featured in our blog, feel free to email us at

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