Ralph Lauren

Polos You Need to Say BYE-BYE-BYE To

The moment when you meet up with some guy you thought was really attractive and you see that he is wearing Polo from I don’t know what decade. I recently have been noticing some bad fashion choices in the polo department. I know preppy guys may get a little hurt from this post but I am just trying to help.

So Lacoste is the first one. Yes Lacoste is a classic. If you are under the age of 35 please NO LACOSTE. When I see LACOSTE on a male, it makes me want to hug you, not sleep with you. If you are going to do Lacoste because you really can’t get away from that alligator then at least do darker colors like black or navy, but NO PALE COLORSSSSSSSSS.

The original Polo man. Say bye bye too, Ralph Lauren. Yes it’s where the name came from but, again, if you are 35 and under DO NOT WEAR. Polos that are rad and will get you some play are LE TIGRE. It’s the one with the little tiger. Super original and chic guys. The non-brand polos that are simple do really well as well. This means absolutely no logo on it. The only exception is if you are playing golf. If you are golfing, any polo goes, but if you are out in public or on a date with a special someone please follow these rules.



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