Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 411

Valentine’s Day is coming up…yes it’s THIS SATURDAY FEBRUARY 14th JUST IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING. But the question remains…Do you know what you’re going to do with that special person? Whether it be the actual Valentine’s Day, do not let this opportunity pass you by to show them how much you care. We’ve rounded up date and style ideas you can put together on this annual holiday.


So you definitely want to keep things low key? Spice things up in the kitchen by making a nice romantic dinner together so that both of you have a hand in the night’s festivities. Since you’ll be eating in, try a full course meal complete with appetizers, main dish, and dessert of course. And don’t forget the wine! Even though you technically won’t be in public, DO NOT be in bummy clothes. If you want to be comfortable, it’s fine to be in sweats, but dress it up a bit.





You and everyone else will most likely be taking the usual route by going out to eat on a romantic dinner date. It honestly doesn’t depend where you go, just make sure you make reservations and not unprepared. Nothing blows the mood of the entire night when you and your date have to wait for over an hour to eat. I know ever place has a certain dress code, but because this day is pretty special, DO make an effort and try to dress things up with a nice blazer, sweater/button-up and dark denim. It gives a great balance of looking spiffy, yet casual. Your date will definitely appreciate the effort!




You’ll be the King of Romance by taking your date out on an exclusive beach side date. Not only do you get to take free advantage of nature, but you can put your own spin on it by packing a little picnic of all of your favorite treats. Don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on and some to cover yourself as well. Since you’ll be outside and it’ll most likely be chilly, the key is being comfortable and warm. Try playing with layers in a t-shirt, henley and thick zip up sweater with a pair of jeans to last you throughout the night. If your date ends up getting cold some time throughout the date, you can always offer a layer of yours to keep them cozy!




Music can bring forth so many emotions and feelings, and if you and your date both love music, take them to go see some live entertainment. This takes some pressure off of the date since you’ll both be transfixed with what’s being displayed in front of you during the show but it makes for great conversation afterwards. It also helps breaks barriers down by finding a common ground that you both can share. For this type of date, show your edge by rocking a leather jacket over a slouchy top and some military boots.




If you are one to think outside the box of the usual Valentine’s Day date norms, then you’re more inclined to take your date to an artsy show/display, whether it’s a museum or an art gallery. This definitely brings an intimate setting to your date where you have clear subjects to take in, and therefore make for conversation. Bring out your mysterious side by rocking a nice fitted coat over a button-up/sweater and don’t be intimidated to accessorize with a hat and/or scarf. You’ll be mistaken for a true artiste, and what’s more intriguing than that!




Though Valentine’s Day comes and goes really quickly, remember most importantly to show that special person how much you care for them outside of this day. Aside from this mushy gushy stuff, we want to know what date would you most likely take your date on?